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Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living 1263 Armadillo Kneepad

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  • This comfortable kneeler from Centurion features a patented Armadillo Plating system, which is made of durable, high-density polyethylene with removable plates that allow for easy washing and maintenance of the sleeve. This fully adjustable plating system, combined with the multi-density foam, provides a high level of comfort and protection. It's designed to move with and protect your body's soft and hard tissues and provides a full range of movement for all-day comfort. The plating system also won't slip on surfaces, clothing or skin, and its material is non-marring to protect delicate surfaces.

    • Patented assembly enables freedom of movement throughout the kneepad
    • Moisture-wicking; odour control
    • Memory foam sleeve
    • No leaky gels
    • Industrial-grade velcro closure with rubber pull tabs
    • Ergonomically designed non-slip grip armor plates
    • Adjustable plating system to maximize comfort, flexibility and protection
    • Detachable plating system for easy cleaning
    • High-quality elastic, large fasteners for support and comfort
    • Composition: polyester, spandex, silica gel
    • Dimensions: 10 x 6.35 x 2.95