BLACK-DECKER Coffee maker - Black and stainless steel - CM4200SC

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BLACK-DECKER Coffee maker - Easy dial control - Programmable cafeteria - Black and stainless steel - CM4200SC

  • Size A dial control: adjust the dial to the amount of coffee you want to brew (4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 servings).
  • Programmable brewing: Easily set the time and schedule the automatic brewing function for delayed brewing, brewing force, keep the weather warm.
  • Vortex technology: the exclusive design of the shower head uniformly saturates coffee beans resulting in a rich flavour extraction.
  • Extra-wide water tank: 226.8 g. The water tank allows three days of preparation between fillings.
  • Adjustable to keep warm: Choose how long the heated carafe keeps the coffee warm after brewing, 30 to 120 minutes. Cup material: plastic.
  • Factory refurb or open box

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