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Glow In The Dark Stars: 824 Realistic 3D Stars For Ceiling Or Walls In 4 Sizes

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  • CREATE A CONSTELLATION: With 824 3D dot glow stars in four sizes, this set gives you all you need to build a beautiful sky. The dot design makes them look more like the real thing than typical ceiling stars, and twice the glow powder means these star stickers glow in the dark brighter for longer.
  • GLOW IN 3D: We made our glow stars for ceiling or walls of all types. Their epoxy construction means they won’t fall apart, and their 3D, domed construction makes for a fantastically realistic starscape.
  • STARS IN FOUR SIZES: Break up the monotony of a typical glow in the dark stars ceiling by sprinkling stars of all sizes throughout your sky. With dots ranging from 1cm to 2.5cm (1 inch) in diameter, you’ll have everything you need to bring your star ceiling to life.
  • COVER THE ENTIRE CANVAS: No need to worry about running out of glowing stars for ceiling in a large room. With 824 stars, you’ll have enough to turn even a 350-square foot room into a magnificent galaxy of glowing stars.