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Hasbro Top Wing Mission Ready Track

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It's a race to earn your wings with this Mission Ready Track Playset! Load Top Wing Mission Control Racers into the top of the track and fire the double-vehicle launcher to send them on their way! Top Wing Racers speed down two spiral tracks and launch off a ramp and into the air to earn their wings!

The playset features a diverter that lets kids switch from one track to another in the middle of the race and spinners at the finish line with badges that rotate as vehicles pass through for an even more exciting finale. Comes with Rod Racer figure. Look out for additional Mission Control Racers to add to the collection and race together (not included, sold separately).

Double-vehicle launcher at the beginning of the course sends vehicles racing down the track
Ramp jump launches racers into the air and through spinners with badges at the finish line for a thrilling finale
Playset has a diverter, allowing racers to switch from one track to the other during the race.
Includes Rod Racer figure, playset and label sheet
Collect all the Top Wing Racers (sold separately) so they can go on adventures together

Top Wing and all related properties are trademarks of 9 Story Media Group.

Includes Rod Racer figure, playset and label sheet.