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Lil' Gleemerz™ - Talking toy - Collect them all

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Lil' Gleemerz™ are mythical creatures that illuminate friendship fun with their curiosity, interactive play, and rainbow light-up tails! With more than 100 different phrases and play modes, kids can nurture and grow their friendships with these adorable interactive toys. Lil' Gleemerz™ react to touch, sound, and motion – try pinching their tails or tapping their nose! They talk back and can play games. Their eyes glow and their furry tails flash different colours to show when they are happy, mad, or sad. Play your favourite music and your Lil' Gleemerz™ doll will put on a dazzling light show to the beat of your songs. Lil' Gleemerz™ can even talk to each other and put on a group light show…the more Gleemerz, the bigger the party! Their cuddly tails bend around your arms and backpacks so you can bring them with you everywhere. When done playing with your Lil' Gleemerz™, wrap their cuddly tails around you and they will fall fast asleep!

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