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Lil Woodze Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery kids playset

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Invite the whole town to try out your brand-new desserts. Arrange everything on your big wooden shelves so your friends can see how hard you worked on your brand new tickle-your-taste-buds bakery. And who knows, maybe all that baking knowledge will give you some ideas to help out your parents on their desserts! get your little ones ready for hours of imaginative play by complementing your Lil Woodzeez characters with these beautiful playsets ad accessories. Honeysuckle hollow has all the makings of an adorable little hometown with school houses, cottages, bakeries and more! Every family has a job in Honeysuckle hollow which cannot be done without the right tools. complete your collection by pairing your favorite family with their playset to create a fully functioning town for your little characters. Each set comes complete with accessories fit for an adventure. Battat is a family owned company established in 1897. They believe that childhood is a time to be bold and curious and provide that every step of the way. Battat offers a range of engaging products for children of all ages from Lil Woodzeez to our generation. Package contains (1) Lil Woodzeez animal Figurine playset and accessories - tickle-your-taste-buds bakery - 49 pieces. Includes bakery, cookies, cakes, muffins, donuts, pies, croissants, baguettes, dough, bread, baking supplies and more.