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Popteenies Party - Popper Double Surprise, with Confetti, Collectible Mini Doll and Accessories

Sale price $3.99 Regular price $12.98

  • Double the fun: shoot, twist and pop two confetti-filled poppers. With a colorful carving, you'll discover an elegant doll, her adorable pet, themed party accessories and more. invite a friend to pop with you.
  • Exclusive sequin doll: add an exclusive popteenie part to your collection. strutting bright accents from head to toe, this popteenie part their outfit features adorable details and her cute style.
  • Luxury accessories: Set the Vibe with luxury party accessories, including sticker-themed and more.
  • The double surprise popper is a nice gift or a favorable party for children aged 4 years. Shoot, twist and pop to throw the most wonderful celebration with these poptastic dolls.