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Space Yoghurt is a competitive game for two to four space adventurers. BOARD GAME

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Space Yoghurt is a competitive game for two to four space adventurers. By rolling dice and making use of the moon's strategic places, the player maneuvers his or her crew into the spaceship's cockpit and strives to win the cosmic vacation. Will you be the one who receives the Golden Ticket from the Galactic Empress Yolibolibana III?

Each player has a crew of three spaceters and takes turn to roll the three crew dice to move along the moon track. If you end up on a Bouncy Crater you can make haste and bounce all the way to the cockpit, soaring past the other spaceters. Ending up on a Yoghurt Pool gives you special powers, but the Space Yoghurt is wacky strong and must be handled with care. It might win you the game, sending other players' spaceters home or be so bitter that you must go home and rest for a while. Easy rules, fast play and big wins! See you out there, brave space adventurers!