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W80 HD portable LED projector with built-in composite membrane Large volume Bluetooth Projector

Sale price $69.99 Regular price $169.00

  • Large-volume speaker with built-in composite membrane. Create a wide range of auditory sound effects. High-definition image processing reduces noise, smooth, clear images and superior details.
  • Diffuse reflective imaging protects eye health. Even if you look at it for a long time, you won't feel the fatigue of sight. Suitable for the whole family and young people.
  • Double Vortex ventilation system, surge power, efficient heat dissipation, heat dissipation design, the system fully optimizes the curve of the air duct, and greatly improves the heat dissipation effect to ensure a stable and fluid operation.
  • Rich extension interface and support for access to game consoles. Dual USB, HDMI, VGA/helmet interface, AV, KTV equipment, audio equipment, etc., to cater to projector fans.
  • All electronics 7 day return on defective product